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Knowledge, Inc. works to create customized solutions that are tailored to our clients' individual needs.  Our open source solutions offer peerless security, functionality, and the unmatched flexibility that is the hallmark of open source.

From the applications we build to the systems upon which they run, we use open source solutions to avoid limiting the freedom of our developers and, more importantly, the freedom of our clients to upgrade and manage their sites.  Unlike most proprietary software, open source solutions from Knowledge, Inc. do not trap our clients into an expensive closed-source environment because open source is available to everyone for FREE.

Advantages of open source:

  • Freedom: Open source means freedom to our customers. It means they can upgrade, migrate, or export their applications to other vendors and software solutions.
  • Flexibility: Open source software can be infinitely tailored to meet your business requirements. You don't have to wait for a vendor to add features that you need since there is a huge open source community that is constantly developing extensions, add-ons, and upgrades.  If none of the existing extensions meets your needs, Knowledge, Inc. can develop customized solutions.
  • Cost: FREE means we can offer more affordable solutions and allow you to focus your budget on developing the customizations and enhancements that will address your business demands and set your website apart from the competition.
  • Reliability:  Open source harnesses the collective wisdom, experience, and expertise of the open source community of thousands of developers worldwide that constantly improve the software and ensure that users' needs are met.  Most open source developers create software because it's what they love to do.  By its nature as a labor of love, the open source community offers solutions that are of the highest quality.